We just purchased a modular home through them. They have been wonderful to deal with! Their workers have gone above and beyond to get our house to the moving in stage. I can't say enough good about Dave and his crew of guys. We love our new home and are excited to get moved in!

Pat Torsney-Hoffman, Home Owner

We've been in our New Era home for over 12 years. The home was a great buy, but more important is the excellent care in setting and and servicing by the folks at Grandview. We recently had laminate flooring installed by Gilmore. The installers of the floor could not get over how well the center was matched and leveled as well as the fact that every corner and the kitchen island was perfectly squared with the rest of the house. They even ended the installation without having to trim the last plank.

The foundation and grading of the lot was done by people recommended by Dave and Dan Ames. The price was very reasonable and the result is a perfectly dry basement even with the worst conditions imaginable over the past few years.

A five star rating isn't enough to reflect the care and attention these guys give to their customers.

Steve Spielman, Home Owner

Great group of guys! You can always count on them getting the job done right.

Matt Steinman,